English 102 week 5 discussion 1 paper 2

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After reviewing the materials shown above, develop a thesis and outline for Paper 2. You will have to go through all the steps you used in developing Paper 1, but you will also be including the second story.

  • identifying a second story
  • clearly stating the theme
  • summarizing the story
  • comparing and contrasting the stories to show how they come together to develop the theme
  • presenting evidence that the theme is demonstrated in both stories
  • doing additional brainstorming as needed
  • writing up a thesis that demonstrates your point of view on the theme and the short stories
  • producing an outline

Remember: it may help you to write up the introduction so that you fully understand the relationship between the two stories and the theme, thereby helping to set up the discussion.

In your posting, note the second story you have chosen and the theme. Post the thesis (and introduction if you have it). The thesis should identify which items in the two stories are to be compared and/or contrasted. Then, post the outline.

As always, the earlier you post, the better, as it will allow time for you use the feedback you receive and also to move on to the development of the body paragraphs.