English journal with word of the day

i need a journal finished for today. the word of the day is just a sentence with the exact word and then, apart, write a paragraph for each day following the instructions. my home town is Panama in central america, its hot, has a lot of humidity, there’s a lot of corruption, no work, but is a beautiful country. 

  • Aug. 30: WOTD: ossified; Write a paragraph describing your home town. 
  • Aug. 31: WOTD: cryptic; No paragraph today. Instead, I want you to choose three different topics to write about, then for each one, write three topic sentences with three different controlling ideas. For example: COCA-COLA (topic); “The popular beverage Coca-Cola has a long and interesting history.” | “The process for making Coca-Cola is not very complex.” | “Drinking too much Coca-Cola can cause a number of health issues.” Print these topic sentences and bring them to class tomorrow, 9/1.
  • Sept. 1: WOTD: aghast; Go back to your paragraph from 8/30 about your hometown. On a new page in your journal, rewrite your topic sentence three times to contain a controlling idea that is both broad and narrow enough to give you a single, well-organized paragraph with at least three supporting ideas. For example: “My hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana is famous for its singular cuisine.” | “Crime is a major problem in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.” | “The character of my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana was affected in several ways by Hurricane Katrina.” After you write your topic sentence, list several supporting ideas, then underline the ones you think will work best.
  • Sept. 2: WOTD: peripheral; Take one of the topic sentences you created for 9/1 and use it (along with your listed supporting ideas) to write a whole paragraph. Print this paragraph and bring it to class tomorrow, 9/3.
  • Sept. 3: WOTD: subliminal; Write a paragraph on the topic of LSU. Remember to include a specific controlling idea in your topic sentence to guide the rest of your paragraph. For example, if you are writing about LSU’s status as a research institution, there is no need to mention sports.
  • WORD: emigrate; Take one of the topic sentences you created for 8/31 and use it to write a whole paragraph. 
  • WORD: garnish; Write a paragraph about your favorite sport. You can describe how the game works, you can describe how it makes you feel, you can describe a particular time you played or watched the game, etc. Just make sure your paragraph is all about your topic and follows your controlling idea. Print this paragraph and bring it to class on Friday, 9/10.
  • WORD: sophistry; Take another one of the topic sentences you created for 8/31 and use it to write a whole paragraph.
  • WORD: resilience; Write a paragraph about a national tragedy in your country. It could be a natural disaster, a major accident, a terrorist attack, etc. It should, however, be a single event, and not something like a war, which can last several years. Remember to include a clear topic sentence with a controlling  idea to guide the rest of the paragraph.

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