estimating techniques

1.  How many different estimating techniques discussed in this case?

Barbara s firm has done enough research to know the benefits of many techniques that are used for estimation. Every business requires the best method that will provide quality outcome and continue attracting some more projects through the bidding process. Apart from helping in the development of an ethical framework, the plans also offer essential criteria on how to tackle a project (Iakovleva, 2014). Barbara’s firm can decide to use either the three-point estimating method or the analog technique. Their choice is directed by the task that is available in the project. If they choose to go for the three-point technique, then it will mean that the plan does not contain a lot of procedures and requires less time to deal with. Taking analogy technique way implies that the project has been analyzed and found to be rearing more time and has got a lot of procedures for the undertaking of the project tasks. Barbara preferred using the analogy technique since the projects did not need any rush.

2.  If each assessment is different, how does a project manager decide that one estimate is better than another?

            Businesses have got the task of choosing which technique

to implore for every project. At the time they may bid on projects that have got a lot of functions thus they must resolve to use analogy is also preferred for projects that require much time regarding duration and technicality of the project (Kumar, 2017). Small projects don’t need a lot of time. Thus they are suitable for the three-point technique if the procedures are short too.

3.  If you were the project manager, which estimate would you use?

Being a final decision maker is always challenging, but if I were to be in that position today then I would go for the analogy is convenient and provides enough time that can help to tackle the many tasks efficiently without rushing any process unnecessarily.


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