Evidence based practices to guide clinical practices | Research and Evidence Based Practice

 Term Paper:

1-  Choose Topic for the Term Paper. Build a theoretical frameworks for you research paper. Chose a research questions, hypotheses and/or clinical question you wish to address.  

Here is my Topic (Research Question):

-Does animal therapy provide benefits in regards to learning skills and social interactions in children diagnosed with Autistic Disorder?

2- Once you picked your topic:

• Explain the interrelationship between the theory, research, and Evidence Based Practice. 

• Identify and discuss the research questions, sampling and sampling size, research designs, hypothesis, data collection methods, and research findings from each study. 

• Identify the goals, health outcomes, and implementation strategies in the healthcare setting (EBP) based on the articles. 

• Discuss the credibility of the sources and the research/researchers findings. 

• Minimum 5/maximum 7 page paper (the body of the paper), without the references, in APA format. 

• Minimum of 1 reference per page of the body of the paper (the course textbook must be one of the references), articles must be peer reviewed and must have been published within last 3-5 years. 

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