Final Exam Review 1. What type of insulin is used in emergency situation.

Final Exam Review 1. What type of insulin is used in emergency situation. 1. What is the purpose of sedatives 2. Drugs used for inflammation. What is the purpose of hypnotics. 3. 4. What is the level of abuse of schedule IV drug. 5. What is trough. 6. What is peak. 7. Before mixing two medications in a syringe, what should the nurse determine first. 8. History of which disease has the most effect on metabolism. What is the order of drug absorption from the fastest to the slowest. 9. 10. what are teratogens. 11. What are the signs of allergic reactions. 12. What kind of tablets can be broken in half. 13. Tablets that cannot be crushed. 14. What types of adrenergic receptors are found in the autonomic system. 15. What nursing intervention should be performed before administering metoprolol. 16. What is the criteria for holding atenolol, a beta – adrenergic blocking agent. 17. What is respiratory depression in terms of respiratory rate. 18. What action will a nurse take when a patients respiratory rate goes below 10 treaths per minute. 19, What is a sign of salicylate toxicity 20. What is isoniazide used to treat. 21. What teaching would you give patients regarding reporting pain. 22. What are the side effects associated opiate agonists 23. What medication is used as prophylaxis and treatment for tuberculosis. 24. What class of medications are used to treat allergies. 25. What is the action of decongestants. 26. What is the action of antitussives. 27. What is the action of expectorant. 28. What is the purpose of administering potassium iodide to a patient with chronic lung disease. 29. What medication is used to treat acute bronchospasm. 30. A patient who is allergic to cephalosporins will also be allergic to 31. Antimicrobial agents are selected on what basis. 32. What is the action of vasoconstrictors. antilipemic agents used for. 33. What are 34. What is the purpose of anticoagulants. antihypertensive medications used for. 35. What are thrombolytic agents. 36. What are 37. What is the action of platelet inhibitors 38. What is the antidote for Coumadin 39. Which lab test is monitored for Coumadin as well as amiodarone hydrochloride (Cordarone]. 40. What is the route of administration for Coumadin. 41. What is the antidote for heparin. 42. What is the onset of action for heparin. 43. What is the lab test for heparin. 44. What is an clcctrolytc imbalance scen in paticnt’s taking spironolactone [Aldactone) a potassium sparing diuretic. 45. What is the action of nitrates in the treatment of angina. 46. What medication is contraindicated when taking anticoagulants. 47. What is an antidote for digoxin toxicity 48. Digoxin toxicity can be enhanced when taking which drug. 49. What dietary teaching is included when on thiazide diuretics to prevent an ellectrolyte imbalance. 50. What is phenyzopyridine [Pyridium]. 51. What is a common adverse effect of pyridium. 52. Patient teaching while on warfarin/Coumadin 53. How do you administer nitroglycerine tablets. 72. What is the most comma 54. How do you store nitroglycerine tablets. 55. What sensation should the patient feel if it is still potent 56. Deficiency of which vitamin causes bleeding disorders. 57. Most common adverse effect of nitrate therapy 58. What are the early symptom of digitalis toxicity in the older adult. 59. What is the purpose of stool softeners. 60. What is the action of antiulcer preparations. 61. What is the purpose of antidiarrheal preparations. 62. What is the purpose of using cathartics. 63. What are antiemetic preparations used for. 64. What patient teaching would you include for a patient who is taking antacids while undergoing ulcer therapy. 65. What is the first action by the nurse, when a diabetic patient complains of weakness or blurred vision. 66. What are the symptoms of hyperglycemia. 67. What is the action of antacids. 68. What are the side effects of antacids. 69. What are the side effects of corticosteroids. 70. What is levothyroxine used for. 71. Can NSAIDS be given in conjunction with anticoagulants and why.

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