Find all procedures that would need to be coded for billing purposes

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Find all procedures that would need to be coded for billing purposes for the following text.


Roberta Sleether is a new patient who saw Dr. Morganstern, complaining of feeling tired all of the time.  She stated that she was exhausted even after a full 8 hours of sleep at night.  Roberta said that she did not have much of an appetite and that she had been eating mostly salads and chicken, with a bowl of fruit as snacks.  She is not overweight and her blood pressure and other vital signs were normal.  Dr. Morganstern decided to perform a CBC, an electrolyte panel, and a lipid panel.  He also ordered a urinalysis, an iron-binding capacity, and a vitamin B12 test.  The physician asked if she had noticed any blood in her urine or stool, and she denied blood in the urine but did mention she had several episodes of diarrhea.  Dr. Morganstern added an occult blood test, as well as a stool culture to check for pathogens.  The physician placed Roberta on multivitamin therapy and told her to return in 1 week to discuss her laboratory test results.  He spent approximately 30 minutes with Roberta, taking a detailed history and performing a detailed examination, making low complexity medical decisions.  Roberta scheduled her appointment for the following week and left the clinic.