Going beyond the case | Operations Management homework help

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There is a four topics, enclosed with questions. Please read the topics and questions. Course material is attached, Please adhere to the attachments and you can seek outside sources as well. 

  1. Learning from Nadella’s Example
    1. What did Nadella bring in terms of his own background (professional and personal) that helped him to be successful in stepping into the CEO role?
    2. What makes Nadella an “authentic leader”? What actions did he take that demonstrate he believes in role-model management? Include references to course materials to support your position.
    3. What characteristics does Nadella display that most closely align to traits you have, or aspire to develop, in your own leadership style? How are you most different from him in your leadership style?
    4. Why is it important for leaders to take (appropriate) risks?

2. Building a High Performing Culture in Your Organization

  1. What steps must leaders take to build a learning culture? Include references to course materials to support your position.
  2. In what ways is the culture in your current or former organization similar to what Nadella faced when he took over Microsoft?
  3. If you wanted to change or realign this culture, where would you begin?
  4. What would be your biggest challenges? Why?

This us due by 11pm tonight, 13 December.