Hate Crime 3A Introduction Often, society focuses the issues of hate crimes on race and ethnicity. In addition, hate crimes focus on religion as well. As described from a perspective

Hate Crime 3A Introduction Often, society focuses the issues of hate crimes on race and ethnicity.  In addition, hate crimes focus on religion as well.  As described from a perspective of Great Britain, similar to the U.S., incidents of religious hate crimes against persons of different religions, especially Islam experienced a high rate of hate crimes simply because they looked “Arab.” The text also talks about the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.  We often think of religious bias or hate from the 1960’s when African American churches were burned in the southern part of the United States to try to strike fear into blacks to try to keep them from registering to vote.  The logic was that attacking their churches, places deemed to be safe would to African Americans intimidated.  Not until 3 young girls died in a church fire in Birmingham, Alabama did the federal government step in to take jurisdiction of fires involving places of worship.  More recently the federal statutes have been focused on both crimes against Jews and Muslim places of worship, especially in the United States. The challenge of establishing federal protection again is challenging with various interests competing for the voice of definition and access to legislators.  In addition, many targeted groups who are victimized are often reluctant to public be involved in dialog about legislation for fear of retribution. The text also points out that oftentimes others not always considered as targets turn into victims.  The case study 3.2 describes what happened when a conservative Danish newspaper printed cartoons about Muhammad and Islam.  The paper and specific individuals of the paper were target by numerous Muslim extremist groups throughout the world.   There is an article in the materials section of this week that describes the challenges of an author who exposed aspects of the Muslim faith. The result of post 9/11 hate has impacted both Jews and Muslims around the world.  The text will provide you insight of the concerns and activities currently being observed.  I would encourage you to think critically as you read the text and view the supplemental materials.  Consider how the information you review can be applied to address the needs of hate crime issues in your community. Hate Crime Assignment Question 500 words do you think explains the relatively high rates of anti-Semitism among people of color?  Describe a policy or program you would design to address this problem. Hate Crime 3 Discussion A Very shot ONE (1) Paragraph only response to the below author PLEASE Hayley Skiles Email Author Week 3 Collapse In our society today there are very few hate crimes that are actually reported to the police. The reasoning behind this is because the individuals themselves don’t think anything with happen if they report something and they are more afraid of retaliation from the offender. When there is a hate crime committed against and individual because of the color of their skin or their religion, the victim is more afraid of what the offender can do to them again if they tell the police and nothing happens. Another reason as to why people do not report hate crimes to the police is because they aren’t even sure if it was a hate crime and some people don’t even understand what hate crimes actually are. Some victims are too afraid of reporting the crime that is committed against them, which in a way is just like a rape victim. There are some strategies or programs that can be used to increase reporting of hate crimes. One way is to have programs in schools that educates students on what hate crimes are and what to do if they happen to you. These programs with educate the students on hate crimes and let them know how illegal and hateful they are. I also think outside of schooling for students in high school and middle school in some areas of the United States, there should be public awareness for hate crimes. Police officers could make it public awareness by displaying signs around the areas and having commercials about hate crimes and putting it in newspapers. I also believe that police need to keep doing a good job on not having prejudice or bias against people of different race and show others that they shouldn’t judge someone by the color of their skin. Hate Crime Discussion A Very shot ONE (1) Paragraph only response to the below author PLEASE Michael Gruber Email Author week 3 DB Collapse The small amount of hate crimes reported to the police has to do with fear of the individual who are being offended.  When there is a crime regarding race or ethnicity, the victim is afraid that what has happened to them could possibly happen again if they turn the offender in.  This goes hand in hand with gang violence in that when a person is hurt because of what they look like or their ethnicity, they are afraid that just because they turn someone in, they would see no change in violence anyways.  Another reason hate crimes are not reported all the time is the fact that witnesses have the same fear if they are seen calling something into the police.  There is also a sense of complacency for those who witness violence and abuse against someone other than themselves.  This is because many people do not see the need to take time out of their day to someone no matter what. Some ways that reporting hate crimes could be increased would be programs in order to get the word about hate crimes out to the public.  Many people are not aware that hate crimes and violence against certain people groups is becoming a huge problem around the country.  Programs and shows on tv are good ways to show the country exactly what we are up against when it comes to hate crimes.  We as a country needs to promote the end of hate crimes and give the public a feeling of sorrow for those who are becoming victims of such crimes.

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