Hey Marion, I think it is so interesting how we can predict the economy for the most part, yes there are times we expect lower then we actually get or

Hey Marion, I think it is so interesting how we can predict the economy for the most part, yes there are times we expect lower then we actually get or vice versa, but I love that we can track this kind of thing. I also find it very interesting how the economy shift, determines the prices of products. Products increase as the economy increases, thats supply and demand. All of this is so interesting and neat to learn about. The relationship between general level of prices and the quantity of goods and services that domestic firms will supply has a part in determining the shape of the short-run aggregate supply curve. The real production and price level determine as follows:  as the price level rises real production is greater and as the price level falls the real production declines. UNIT V SCIENCE Marion, I appreciate the insight on pH levels in water affected by greenhouse gases. I’ve worked with an environmental crimes unit in my city, and surprisingly, there are things we do that directly affect our water system, and some of them are things we do without an after thought. One for example, is washing our vehicles in the driveway. Technically, the only liquid that should be flowing into our storm drains and drainage systems is water. The excess chemicals from the soap, wax, and tire spray have an adverse effect on the water system. For this reason, I only use commercial car washes. Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is well! I would like to discuss how we impact our oceans by overfishing and pollution. We lose mass amounts of fish to extension by polluting our waters with millions upon millions of trash per square mile, causing detrimental affects to ecosystems. These changes could take decades to balance out again. We, also, affect our waters by overfishing a specific species. Over time, we have had an increase in demand for a specific species of fish that has led to upsetting the natural food chain. When removing a specific predator, it allows the prey to go unchecked. Therefore, allowing the prey to feed more on their food. This process keeps going down the line, eventually affecting the entire ecosystem. Hello Marion, Apple, Inc. is a great example. I agree with you on that in today’s market, there is a great need to ensure organizations such as Apple keep up with today’s innovations available in other to meet the customers needs and wants. An enormous amount of time should definitely be invested in research and development in order to achieve this. Subsequently, adequate marketing must be done as part of of their marketing strategies as means to alert customers of their product availability. Great post! Alex Marion, As you know Apple has been winning the war on marketing as of late.  That is if you are an Apple fan.  They are very innovative, and their R&D is constantly working on the latest and greatest release.  Apple has done a pretty good job also in other areas of the business such as tech support.  You are correct in technology is rapidly changing and for the average Joe (like me) tech support becomes just as important to me as getting the latest IPhone.  I had several issues with their IPhone 7 last year, after 4 exchanges ( yes 4 within 4 months) they provided me with a new IPhone 7 (not refurbished )and with more storage capacity.  It has been working like a charm since.  There are many aspects to Apple marketing mix, and for me they are doing it right based on my encounter with tech support. s

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