How Effective Is Art Therapy In Addressing Adolescent Depression

I need a full 50 pages (approximately) graduate level research paper on the topic. The specifics are as follows:

Title Page (includes Running Head, title of paper, student name, etc.)

o Abstract ( no more than 2 paragraphs, no personal statements, no second person statements; use third person and use past or perfect tense. For instance, This ILP has analyzed/argued/theorized/maintained/illustrated/posited, etc……..)

o Acknowledgements (whom would you like to thank?)

o Dedication (only if desired; this is usually to someone deceased, but there are exceptions. Speak to me before constructing)

o Table of Contents (sections, subtitles, and page numbers must match those in the paper)

The following chapter sections use Arabic numbers and subheadings as indicated. All chapters must use current APA documentation using either past or perfect tense. It is far preferable to use direct quotes instead of paraphrases. Do not string quotes and/or paraphrases together. Page count starts with these chapters. Completed, accepted ILPs , without preliminary sections and References should be about 50 pages or more.

o Chapter I: Introduction (5-7 pages with quotes from critical sources documented in current APA.

Include the following subheadings in the Introduction; use Arabic numbers; sections may be in any order or in any combination; however, all sections must be present – use subheadings below and keep all sections limited to 1-2 pages each

o Problem Statement at least one full page with a minimum of three quotes from critical sources within the last 3-5 years. No old sources — no paraphrases. One -2 pages.

o History of the Problem at least two full pages with a minimum of three quotes from critical sources within the last 10 years and three more up to date sources for a total of 6 or more quotes — no paraphrases. One -2 pages.

o Scope of the Problem (History and Scope can be combined: Use History and Scope as subheading) with quotes from critical sources. Here you provide demographic details, statistics, data. No paraphrases. Provide direct quotes. One -2 pages.

o Rationale — about you; what is your story and experience and how do they relate to the ILP. This is not for you to ramble on about yourself, but rather to let the reader know the depth and breadth of your interest and experience. Keep the Rationale academic. Quotes from academic sources are optional, but can be supportive and make you more credible. One -2 pages.

o Rationale and Methodology can be combined or Methodology as Chapter III with quotes from critical sources o Methodology – discuss with me first. You cannot conduct interviews, surveys, questionnaires, personal observations, etc. without college clearance. One -2 pages.

o Research Questions the ILP seeks to answer. These may be in a list format. One -2 pages.

o Anticipated Outcomes (what did you originally think you would find? These may be in a list format. One -2 pages.

o Actual Outcomes (final draft – what did you o really find out?). This goes on your finalized paper. These may be in a list format. One -2 pages.

o Limits of the Study/Project. One -2 pages.

o Interdisciplinary Approaches to Subject Matter. This can be in bullet format.

o Key Terms or Glossary of Terms. This can be in dictionary format.

o Chapter II: Review of the Literature — discussion with key references documented in current APA (15 to 20 pages). Acknowledge the shortcomings of the studies/works; present and then refute the counter arguments. The Lit Review will help shape what goes in the chapters. Include counter- arguments.

o Chapter III: Methodology — Methodology explains how you went about your research and construction of the paper (no more than 2 pages without prior approval)

o Several Body Chapters of Discussion/Analysis for the ILP – title each Chapter. Minimum of 3 chapters. Ideas can come from Lit Review — what do you need to explain more fully? Chapters should be at least 3 pages with quotes from academic sources.

o Final Chapter — Conclusion/ Summary/Recommendations. Chapter should be at least 3 pages with quotes from academic sources.

o References in current APA – no Wikipedia, regular dictionaries, regular encyclopedias, web sites without authors, titles, and other copyright information

o Appendices (where applicable—these can include charts, graphs, additional information. None of this counts toward the 50 pages of the paper)

o Commitment Not to Plagiarize Form completed and signed; form can be found in MYCC, Student Services

o ILP/IRP/Capstone Evaluation Form – google it. Complete top part, date, and sign. In the comment area, write your abstract; shorten it if you need to make it fit. Google the form; currently, it is not in Student Services

o Current Resume — The final copy should be about 50 pages; these pages do not include anything from the cover page through the Table of Contents or anything after the Conclusion.

Any handbooks come after as appendix.

Separately submit along with the final ILP bound copy: All pages from the cover page through the Table of Contents.

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