HSAD 403-01 Health Informatics

The hospice nurse sat with Ann's husband, Ben. Ann was resting quietly as the increased dosage of IV pain medication gradually reached its therapeutic level.
November 13, 2019
You are working as a Nurse at a rural high school and have been asked to assess the body composition and overall health of the students.
November 13, 2019

HSAD 403-01 Health Informatics

HSAD 403-01 Health Informatics

1) Master list of all of one facility’s patients, demographic information, admission and discharge dates, encounter types, and disposition

a) Patient identity management systems (PIMS)

b)Health information exchange (HIE)

c) Clinical data repository (CDR)

2) A potential emerging ethical issue in the paperless setting

a) Billing and coding compliance

b) Avoiding conflicts of interest

c) Increasing knowledge of patient genetic material

3) May be used in risk assessment of health individuals and in treatment of patients with complex diseases

a) Genomic medicine

b) Biomarkers

c) Precision medicine

4) Briefly describe the ethical issues arising from the use of biomedical instrumentation.

5) Briefly describe patient identity management system and discuss the tasks and ethical issues involved in creating such a system.


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