Human resources management (hrm) case 1 new hr strategy makes

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Case 1
New HR Strategy Makes Lloyd’s a “Best Company”
Pages 38-39 (Chapter 1 – Case Study 1)

Read the Case. Then, answer all of the questions at the end of the case.

Case 2
Misplaced Affections: Discharge for Sexual Harassment
Pages 135-136 (Chapter 3 – Case Study 2)

Read the Case Study entitled, “Misplaced Affections: Discharge for Sexual Harassment” on pages 135-136 in Chapter 3 (Case Study 2). Then, answer all of the questions at the end of the case.

I selected the most interesting and applicable cases for the class. Please be sure to back up your answers to both of these cases with facts from the textbook.

Please number each of your answers. This is very important so that I understand which questions you are responding to. Please answer the questions completely. Remember, it is quality that counts so be brief, thorough, and to the point. Good Luck!

TEXTBOOK TITLE: • Managing Human Resources, 16th edition
PUBLISHER’S NAME: • Thomson Southwestern
AUTHOR’S NAME: • Bohlander & Snell

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