I need assistance to look over file to get it to run success…

I need assistance to look over file to get it to run successful.  The code needs to average three grades for an undetermine amount of students that is determine by user request. Right now the do loop does not end and is receiving runtime error. Thank you,


To address the issue of the code not terminating and resulting in a runtime error, we need to carefully examine the logic of the program.

Before delving into the specific issue, let’s analyze the overall purpose of the code. The objective is to calculate the average of three grades for an undetermined number of students. This suggests that a loop structure is needed to iterate over each student and prompt for their grades.

From the provided code, a “do” loop is being used to accomplish this task. However, it appears that the loop’s termination condition is not properly defined, thus causing an infinite loop and resulting in a runtime error.

To resolve this issue and ensure the loop terminates, we can modify the code as follows:

# Initialize variables
total_students = 0
total_grades = 0

# Prompt for user input
num_students = int(input(“Enter the number of students: “))

# Iterate over each student
for i in range(num_students):
print(f”nStudent {i+1}:”)

# Prompt for three grades
grade1 = float(input(“Enter grade 1: “))
grade2 = float(input(“Enter grade 2: “))
grade3 = float(input(“Enter grade 3: “))

# Calculate the average for a single student
average = (grade1 + grade2 + grade3) / 3

# Accumulate the average for all students
total_grades += average
total_students += 1

# Calculate the overall average
overall_average = total_grades / total_students

# Output the results
print(f”nAverage grade for all {total_students} students: {overall_average}”)

Let’s examine the modifications made to the code:

1. Introduced two variables, `total_students` and `total_grades`, to keep track of the cumulative sum of grades and the total number of students.
2. Prompted the user to enter the number of students they want to calculate the average for.
3. Utilized a `for` loop to iterate over each student, starting from `0` and ending at `num_students – 1`.
4. Inside the loop, displayed a message indicating the current student number.
5. Prompted the user to enter the three grades for the current student.
6. Calculated the average of the three grades for that student.
7. Accumulated this average in the `total_grades` variable and incremented `total_students` by `1`.
8. After exiting the loop, calculated the overall average by dividing `total_grades` by `total_students`.
9. Finally, displayed the overall average.

By implementing these changes, the program should now be able to successfully terminate the loop, calculate the averages for the given number of students, and provide the overall average.

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