I need help with my reflection paper aca-122


Final Reflection Paper – Major Assignment

Your final assignment for the semester is to write a reflection paper (400-word minimum) on the course.  Please consider the following questions:

  • What are your takeaways from the course?  
  • What lessons do you think will most impact your academic and professional experiences?  
  • Which activities did you find most valuable?  
  • What questions do you still have that were unanswered through the course activities?
  • You will want to consider all the course topics, readings, and videos: the college success, college resources, learning strategies,      self-assessments for careers and learning styles, careers, transfer information      and academic course planning.  (All module tabs are still available      for you to review as you complete the assignment.)


The essay must be typed, in standard font size, and double spaced, minimum 5 paragraphs –  400-word minimum. Your response should include information that you gathered from the different inventories that you completed this semester. 

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