Interpret the following output examining group differences for

Question 1

Interpret the following output examining group differences for purchase intentions.  The three groups refer to consumers from the states of Illinois, Louisiana and Texas  

  Dependent variable int 2

Source Type III Sum of Squares df


Corrected Model 6681.745R 2

Intercept 308897.012 1

State 6681.746 2

Error 148069.543 143

Total 459697.25 146

Corrected Total 154750.289 145

Question 2


Formulate a statisticla hypothesis appropriate for the conumer group

s purpose then calculate the man average miles per gallon.  Determine the most appropriate statistical test using 0.05 significnance level.   

Response should be approx 50 words in length.


Question 3  


The management of a regional bus line thought the company’s  

cost of gas might be correltarted with its psasnger/miles ration.  

Comment please around 50 words  


 Total Gas

year expendiitures passnager/miles

1 56.5 8.37

2 59.4 8.93

3 63 9.15

4 65.6 9.79

5 89 11.2



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