Kelly, age 23, is a first-year law student. She is engaged to a surgical resident at the local university hospital.

Kelly, age 23, is a first-year law student. She is engaged to a surgical resident at the local university hospital. She has been struggling to do well in law school because she wants to make her parents, two prominent local attorneys, proud of her. She had never aspired to do anything but go into law, and that is also what her parents expected her to do. Kelly’s mid-term grades were not as high as she had hoped, so she increased the number of hours of study time, staying awake all night several nights a week to study. She started drinking large amounts of coffee to stay awake, but still found herself falling asleep as she tried to study at the library and in her apartment. As final exams approached, she began to panic that she would not be able to continue the pace of studying she felt she needed in order to make the grades she hoped for. One of Kelly’s classmates told her that she needed some “speed” to give her that extra energy to study. Her classmate said, “All the kids do it. Hardly anyone I know gets through law school without it.” She gave Kelly the name of a source. Kelly contacted the source, who supplied her with enough amphetamines to see her through final exams. Kelly was excited, because she had so much energy, did not require sleep, and was able to study the additional hours she thought she needed for the exams. However, when the results were posted, Kelly had failed two courses and would have to repeat them in summer school if she was to continue with her class in the fall. She continued to replenish her supply of amphetamines from her “contact” until he told her he could not get her anymore. She became frantic and stole a prescription blank from her fiancé and forged his name for more pills. She started taking more and more of the medication in order to achieve the “high” she wanted to feel. Her behavior became erratic. Yesterday, her fiancé received a call from a pharmacy to clarify an order for amphetamines that Kelly had written. He insisted that she admit herself to the chemical addiction unit for detoxification. On the unit, she appears tired, depressed, moves very slowly, and wants to sleep all the time. She keeps saying to the nurse, “I’m a real failure. I’ll never be an attorney like my parents. I’m too dumb. I just wish I could die.” Answer the following question related to Kelly:

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