LIFE STAGE (age group)

You are to choose 3 people you know – each of them coming from a different LIFE STAGE (age group). You are to cover each of the 4 DOMAINS in your paper about these people. So, you are to cover their Physical state, their cognitive state, their language ability, and their social/emotional state. The paper is to be researched and you are to have AT LEAST 5 SOURCES published within the last 8 years (since 2008). The paper is to be between 8 and 10 pages in length of text. A title page and reference page must be included and are NOT counted as text pages. You are to follow APA 6th edition format

This paper is for a counseling class. Please use different theories as well to explain each person. Also, the people ages to discuss in paper are ages 2, 16 and 50. If you have any question please ask. Thanks.


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