Literature review | Information Systems homework help

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There are still many of the same issues in this draft: not enough source citations and either not enough content in some sections or too many headings.  One paragraph is not enough content for a section with a heading.

Here are some examples of literature reviews to give you an idea of how to organize the sections and section lengths, and the amount of citations needed for an literature review.

1.) The literature review doesn’t actually seem to review much literature. Much more research needs to be added to every section. A literature review is intended to review ALL the relevant literature to the topic. There are many sections that don’t have source citations and don’t clearly talk about research or articles about the topic. That needs to be a major focus for revision.
2.) One paragraph is not enough content for a section (marked by a heading). So you will either need to have fewer headings in a some places, need to develop some sections more, or do both.
3.) The literature review doesn’t seem to note where research is missing – the gap in the research.  It should address areas where more research is needed.