Matching in Epidemiologic Study Designs and Simple Matched Analysis

In a matched 1:1 case-control study on the impact of Gulf war stress on subsequent cardio-vascular disease, investigators matched 100 cases to the same number of controls on the following predictive variables: age, gender, family history of cardiovascular disease, dietary habits, and smoking status. By the end of the study, the number of unexposed cases was 2.13 times that of exposed cases. Also, in the entire study sample, 126 women were either unexposed cases or unexposed controls. If the total number of exposed and unexposed controls was 17 and 83 respectively, answer the following questions:

A. Using a matched analysis, what are the odds ratio for the association between Gulf war stress and subsequent cardiovascular disease? (5 points)

Based on your results in A above, is there an association between Gulf war stress and the development of subsequent cardiovascular disease? Why or why not

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