Material balances in chemical engineering ( chemical engineering

question 4.1.6 :-

a liquid adhesive consists of polymer dissolved in a solvent. the amount of polymer in the solution is important to the application. an adhesive dealer receives an order for 3000 Ib of an adhesive solution containing 13% polymer by weight. on hand are 500 Ib of 10% solution and very large quantities of 20% solution and pure solvent . caculate the weight of each that must be blended together to fill this order. use all of the 10% solution .



question 4.1.10 :-

a polymer blend is to be formed from the three compounds whose composition and approximate formulas are listed in the following table. determine the percentages of each composition .

composition       A        B        C          D(desired mixture)

(CH4)x              25       35       55           30

(C2H6)x            35       20       40            30

(C3H8)x            40       45        5              40

total                 100      100      100          100


how would you decide to blend compounds A,B and C to achieve the desired mixture D [ (CH4)x = 10%, (C2H6)x = 30%, (C3H8)x = 60% ] ?


question 4.1.22

a manufacturer of briquettes has a contract to make briquettes for barbecuing that are guaranteed to not contain over 10% moisture or 10% ash . the basic material used has this analysis ; moisture 12.4%, volatile material 16.6%, carbon 57.5%, and ash 13.5%. to meet the specifications (at their limits) the manufacturer plans to mix with the base material a certain amount of petroleum coke that has this analysis ; volatile material 8.2%, carbon 88.7%, and moisture 3.1%. how much petroleum coke must be added per 100Ib of the base material ?



question 6.1.2

see attachment


question 6.2.2

see attachment



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