MATH REVIEW FOR TECHNICIANS PRACTICE 1. What is the average number of prescriptions that can be filled daily by the pharmacy technicians at a large city hospital if 12 technicians can each fill 100 prescriptions each day, 20 can each fill 125 prescriptions, 23 can each fill 150 prescriptions, and 8 can each fill 175 prescriptions? 2. What is the percent alcohol in a mixture of 2 liters of 20% alcohol, 1 liter of 50% alcohol, and 750 mL of 80% alcohol? 3. What is the percent concentration of potassium chloride in a mixture of 1 pint of 10% KCI, 3 quarts of 5% KCI, and 1 gallon of 20% KCI? nolts Jsil 4. What would be the final percent strength of potassium chloride if you added 1 quart of water to the mixture in question 3? 5. What is the percent strength of benzalkonium chloride in a mixture of 1 pint of 2% benzalkonium chloride and 1 liter of 6% benzalkonium chloride? 6. What would be the final percent concentration of benzalkonium chloride if you added liter of a 1:500 benzal konium chloride solution to the mixture in Question 5? E BAZ highly recommend converting ratior to n iution ornhlems

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