Meet the Client: Yon Kim

Yon Kim is an 18-month-old Asian female who presents to the urgent care clinic with reports of fever, diarrhea, and vomiting for the past 48 hours. Yon was last seen by her pediatrician two days ago with the diagnosis of gastroenteritis. Yon was sent home with the recommendation of a bland diet and Pediatlye. Yon’s mother states that her daughter’s highest temperature was 101.8° F (38.8° C), which was relieved by acetaminophen. The last dose of acetaminophen was given approximately four hours ago.

Yon appears lethargic and the mother appears anxious about her daughter’s condition. She continually asks the healthcare provider (HCP), “Why isn’t she getting better? I took Yon to her HCP 2 days ago and it was just gastroenteritis.” The mother also indicates that she ran out of Pedialyte last night and she substituted a sports drink for hydration. She states that Yon was fussy and irritable, she felt uncomfortable leaving her child to go to the store to buy more Pedialyte. The mother reports that she and her daughter returned from a family vacation out of state four days prior to the onset of the illness.

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