Mg485 unit 3 discussion post



Post your initial response to the Discussion Questions by midnight on Thursday. Then by Sunday at midnight CST/CDT you must provide a substantive response to two or more classmates’ posts Use the concepts learned from the text as well as from outside sources (at least two [2] are required) for compiling the response to each Discussion Question.  Cite the sources used in the Discussion Question posting as well as in the peer responses IAW APA Format.

Important: Your grade for the responses you post in our Discussion Area will be determined not only by your responses to the assignment questions, but also by your responses to your fellow students’ postings. Be sure to reply to at least one posting for each Discussion Question. Otherwise, five points will be deducted from your grade.

Discussion Questions

  1. From Chapter 4: Discuss how a development in a corporation’s natural and societal environments can affect the corporation through its task environment.
  2. From Chapter 5: What is the relevance of the resource-based view of the firm to strategic management in a global environment?