mmunit : Discussion Project 0: The Mora s// Discussion Project 0

mmunit : Discussion Project 0: The Mora s// Discussion Project 0: The Morality of Reasoning Aher comsidering the quote and qestions below, please go to Communications-Dacmis and Snd the Daion Project m and t nd your anedc oup you al pot, phy to the dcics sticn below Then make sure to post at leeast t replaes to other posts Osce agan make ne to post your tal rephy to discsssion questices by July 9 to get fall credit for that intial post, and make sre your erples to ofer posts are done by July 10 And, also to repeat and re-emphasize a few things alrealy stated in the ylab Oeral goals and ground nales of dicusices for this counse The goal to gt a good coeversation going For this to happen, thee actoaly bae your replies to oher posts Get he eah As Yaud pt to at tngs odo ot wat de at me to de your al potngs and d nct advance the dscsic It in ok to disagee with ohs andtis ok to ask for claniiccn or usticaton or wtat somee has sd t epct and decncy st abs be thown to others in this class merely sing aomething e ood post I led it is your replies to other pos make That sot of thine ally dom Finalhy, there are no makeaps for dscussions Ifvos miss a discusio there is no ma to make up Sove lost poin O with all of that said, bere is your dscussion project Tou might be arpnised to lean that some philoophers coder easceing telfa moral a ummoral The most faous enposi od das idea comes rom the philosocher and mathe They thisk that beliing a clai wiout good ea ( usuppoted stat a K Cifford (1945-29) He bas thes to sy oe the ubt “It in wrong alwas, everb and for c to bele anthing upos iufficit esdesce 2fa ma holdi a bebefwhch be was taught in chldhood or pded of aherwaeds keeps down and pusbes aay any doubn whih arse about it an te lde of tat mas is cne long s g aind The Enas of Bele and e mpess hose q oschca be aed wohour d ng Here ace vour question 1 hat is yow edervndg of Clifford’s po 2 Do yeu arre with Clffd Esplan your a re Doyou agee dat f soeose beliesomngwot some knd ofedece or ood ppate ao ar be he has beacad isoralb 3Can you tk of ny eoeteresmples to Cliffnds clam-itnces nch belng s gihout adeace mould be moraly pe ble” De Activity Detals Tsk View s too pe here to search DELL Delete ners, Puser F12 F10 F7 FS Beckspace. & % C 6 2 P Y T E K H

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