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MUTLUND New tab Edmonds Communit Can’t reach this page s:// Question 7 Read the following information about iron and then choose the appropriate option from the dropdown menus to fill in the blanks Iron is a small inorganic molecule required for many functions in the body including delivery of oxygen to cells and extraction of energy from food – however iron itself is not metabolized for energy. It is naturally available in many foods – such as beef, chickpeas and fish and is added to some processed foods. The average daily level of intake sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of healthy adults is mg (for men) and 18mg (for women). 3 ounces of pan-fried beef liver is the amount standardized by the FDA to help consumers compare nutrient contents of products. It contains 28% of the iron recommended daily for adults and children over age 4. Consumption of over 40mg is associated with risk of toxicity in children and adolescents while 45ms can cause adverse health effects in adults. Based on this, iron is a Select ] more specificallya (Select) . The micronutrient macronutrient contaminant added back to Milling and processing flour. It is also added to Select) additive many cereals as a dietary supplement, such as many brands of oatmeal and baby cereals, which are considered Select foods since the contents would normally not have that much iron. and the UL is Select] The RDA of iron is Select] No new data to save. Last checked at 11:03am

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