Nature versus Nurture Assignment

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March 28, 2019
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March 28, 2019

Nature versus Nurture Assignment

Nature versus Nurture Assignment

One of the largest debates in psychology and science is the issue of “Nature versus Nurture”. That is, when explaining any certain behavior of a person, is the origin based on genetics (nature) or environmental (nurture)? Some areas of increasing interest are the origins of homosexuality, addictions, and intelligence. 


You are to research the nature/nurture debate online and write a short essay (three pages – double-spaced) about your findings. Your report should include what you now think the origins of homosexuality, addictions, and intelligence are. Are there genetic influences? What does this mean in terms of policy? How much do we really get to choose our personality attributes in general versus the idea of “we are what we are”? Please avoid making a value judgment of these personality attributes in your essay.

Make certain that you include links to your references and your essay needs to be written in APA style. Last, but not least, make certain that you proofread before submitting.

Below are some links to get you started – you are also encouraged to search for some of your own:

Human Genome Project Information Page

Minnesota Twin Study (also discussed on page 463 of the text)

Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture

I.Q. – Genetics or Environment

Genetics and Addiction

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