Need help on writing a short paper on your opinions on race & race | SOC 205 | Kalamazoo College

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What is Race?

I am African American

Reflect on all of our readings and other materials for this unit. Be sure you cite your sources and use formal terms and concepts from the readings.

1. How do you think most people view race? Where do we get these ideas from?

2. How do social scientists view race? What are the key differences between these two perspectives (social scientists and non-social scientists.)

3. How might society be different if more people held a scientifically-informed view of race? Be really specific here – think of a few examples of situations where our thinking and/or behavior might be different.

BOOK USED: Race and Ethnic Relations: American and Global Perspectives” 10th Edition by Martin N. Marger 

Aim for around 500-700 words.