Nutrition lab report 4 protein need done in 48 hours

1.) Only 1 report for Lab 3. 2.)  Need to follow the report format that described in assignment 3.3.)  Results should include part I and Part II’s absorbance reading and unknown sample determination (using formula for Part I and Part II).4.)  Report the unknown sample’s value.5.)  Concepts to considerfor discussion:a.Discuss problems that were associated with the lab (if any).b.Interpret the lipid levels and any variations obtained.c.Explain how lifestyle and genetics plays a role in lipid levels.d.Discuss the importance of proper laboratory technique in ensuring accuracy. NEED A PLAGIARISM REPORT AS WELL. QUALITY WORK. 4 PAGES WITH CHARTS/GRAPHS. ALL FILES ARE ATTACHED IN ORDER TO COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT. AN EXAMPLE IS ATTACHED AS WELL TO FOLLOW. 

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