Outsourcing (350 words) (chart) (due 3 feb) (3 references)

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1 ) Due 3 Feb

3) 300 to 350 Word Essay (and Chart)

4) 2 References

5) Plagiarism-Free 

Assignment: Write a 350-word essay (and include a chart) that answers the following questions: 

1) Do a search on outsourcing at https://www.accenture.com/gb-en

2) Describe the IT outsourcing services offered by Accenture.

3) Search other large firms providing outsourcing services such as Deloitte at deloitte.com, Ernst & Young at ey.com, KPMG at kpmg.com, and PricewaterhouseCoopers at pwc.com. 

4) Provide a table that shows a comparative analysis of the services across these 5 firms

5) Discuss your findings.