Perform a financial analysis on your firm


Include in your analysis a trend analysis using at least three years of data from the balance sheet and income statement. Using the provided data, do a trend/historical and benchmark/competitive ratio analysis for each of the major ratio categories, commenting on specific ratios and the trend analysis.

When reviewing your firm’s statement of cash flows ,with a brief discussion of their major sources and uses of funds . In this section pls include at least 4 graphs and 4 tables. Pls present number in tables and then discuss those numbers .

The graphs should present multiple items (e.g include ratios) 

. Include your evaluation and interpretation of items that have large deviations and if warranted those with stable trends – what does it mean? Also, review your firm’s statement of cash flows, with a brief discussion of their major sources and uses of funds. In this section, include at least three graphs of key ratios. I prefer that numbers be presented in table form, rather than embedded in paragraphs

Include in your analysis trend analysis using 3 years of data from balance sheet ,income statement , ratios and statement of cash flows .Do a brief market value to book value analysis .For the ratios ,do both a trend/historical and benchmark /competitive ratio analysis 

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