Philosophy 347, critical thinking/reasoning | Philosophy homework help


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Required Resources
Read/review the following resources for this activity:

  • Textbook: Chapter 4, 5 (Facione, 2016)
  • Lesson

Remember – these journal questions  require more thinking than writing. Think about exactly what you are  asked to do, and then write as economically as possible. 

For this journal assignment, answer each of the following prompts:

  • Important Idea 
    • Considering only the Introduction to Chapter 5, in terms of  developing critical thinking and reasoning, what do you consider is the  most valuable and important idea in that section? You can either  summarize or directly quote the text; then, briefly explain why you find  this idea important and valuable.
  • Critical Thinking 
    • In Chapter 5, the section “Making Arguments” states: “In some ways  applying our core critical thinking skills to analysis can be more  difficult than offering an evaluative opinion. Analysis, like  interpretation, is understanding at a deep level (p. 89)” 
      • What concepts discussed in Chapter 4 might make analysis of a statement difficult – and why?
  • Beliefs 
    • Why do you believe what you believe?
    • What is your “evidence”?
    • Test one of your beliefs by asking yourself, “Why?” As you answer  each “why,” go down another layer – four layers will probably give you a  good idea of why you believe what you believe.
    • Your product should show a well-reasoned and logical basis for your  belief. Stay away from the big stuff, like believing in God, or who to  vote for in the next election, and don’t look for sources – this is  about what you believe and why you believe it. After all, this is only an 8-week course, and we can’t settle everything!
    • Click on the following link for an example of layers of why: