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After browsing through the Sigma Theta Tau website, I discovered the education section under the “Learn & Grow” tab. The “Education” section provides a list of courses accordingly. For example, there is a “student or new nurse” section that is linked to courses with a wide range of topics and corresponding continuing education credits (Sigma Nursing, 2019). In addition to the categorized course listing, the same page provides search guides for career advisement, additional educational resources, research tools, and leadership trainings. I also explored the “Connect & Engage” tab which was divided into five different sub-links. “The Circle” seemed very interesting as this serves as an online community that allows professionals from different chapters and region connect with each other (Sigma Nursing, 2019). There are even communities of interest which are topic-based forums, like critical care and emergency nursing. Personally, I think that the Sigma Nursing website was easy to navigate and a useful resources for nurses, old and new.

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