Political Science

Follow the outline below and just fill in the BOLD sections. This is for a Political Science Research Methods class. I have the literature review and will attach it as a guide to my already established information. I have, also, given the research question. 

5 pgs.

  1. Research Question: How has the voting behavior in African American culture been affected pre and post the 1965 Voting Rights Act? 
  • Purpose of Study 
  • Hypothesis 
  • Operationalization or measurements of key concepts

II. Data and Method

  • Methods Used (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed)
  • Data and sources
  • Reliability of sources

III. Data Collection 

  • Nature of the data
  • Sample Frame
  • Sample Size and Sampling Technique
  • Procedure
  • Data Collection Instruments

IV. Statement of Confidentiality

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