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Students will give an 8-minute class presentation about their community service project. The presentations will also include a question and answer session at end of the presentation. Student attendance is required for presenters and non-presenters. Students who are volunteering in the same agency may present as a group with the permission of the instructor (prior approval must be received from the instructor).  Here is expanded information regarding what to include in your PowerPoint Presentation.  You want to make sure you outline the background information of the agency (mission, vision, purpose, size, demographics served, etc). You can also present information on the organizational structure. Then you are going to outline your service-learning experience and highlight some of the activities you participate in during your community service 

After the completion of the Volunteer Community Service Project, students will have insight into the following:

1)   The profession of social work as it pertains to micro and macro practice

2)   Current issues that are directly related to the profession and the clients we serve

3)   The professions strong commitment to social and economic justice

4)   Social work principles, values, and ethics

5)   Ecosystems and the person-in-the environment framework

6)   Cultural awareness and how this influences practice

7)   Major problems addressed in rural and urban areas and the special populations assisted by baccalaureate social workers

8)   Professional roles and boundaries

9)   Oral and written communication skills relevant to generalist practice

The organization that was uses was a food bank