Pricing executive summary | Economics homework help


: Imagine you are applying for a job at a pricing consultancy, how would you demonstrate you are a good candidate? Synthesize the Notes submitted to reflect on how and how much you have achieved each of the following subject learning objectives: 

SLO1: Analyse pricing theories, frameworks and concepts to different managerial decision contexts 

SLO2: Evaluate the different analytical perspective of pricing decisions 

SLO3: Develop a pricing strategy based on a prudent analysis and evaluation process Length: The Executive Summary is limited to 3 single-spaced pages.


The note is for you to sell yourself as a pricing expert, showing how much you know about pricing issues. It shouldn’t look like summary of weekly lecture notes. You must combine all your knowledge into a well-connected piece that prove that you are an expert in pricing. Assume that you receive a question, e.g., “Will you explain why we should hire you as a pricing expert? Can you prove how much you know about pricing?”  from your future recruiter. 

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