Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 9 and 10 of the course textbook. Also, view these two short videos on reducing waste: and . In this week’s

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 9 and 10 of the course textbook. Also, view these two short videos on reducing waste: and . In this week’s discussion, you will recalculate your ecological footprints from Week 1 and determine whether or not your actions taken over the past five weeks have made a difference in the size of your footprints. You will also have the opportunity to discuss additional actions one might take to live more sustainably. In particular, you are encouraged to focus on techniques for reducing the amount of waste that we generate in our everyday lives. Complete the following: Week 1Week 5DifferenceECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINTHectares:         # Earths:    Top 3 Consumption Categories:         CARBON FOOTPRINTCarbon Emissions (lbs):   WATER FOOTPRINTGallons per day:   Top 3 Contributors: In a well-crafted discussion post of at least 200 words, report on the results of all five weeks of the Ecological Footprint Reduction Project. Did you meet with success? If so, what activity or activities do you think made the biggest difference? additional actions would you consider taking to reduce your footprints in the future, particularly in terms of lessening the amount of materials you consume and wastes you produce? did you learn from this experience? Do you think that individual efforts to live more sustainably matter? Why or why not? You will not be able to view others’ posts until you have made your own. MY WEEK ONE POST: After taking the Ecological footprint calculator, I have realized that if everyone was to live like me, we would need 3.3 earths. My Ecological Footprint is 5.7 gha while my Carbon Footprint is 9.5gha. By percentage my total Ecological Footprint is 57%. My top five consumer categories are goods, mobility, food, services and shelter. After taking the Carbon Footprint calculator, I have realized that my current household Carbon Footprint is 165,703lbs. This figure is higher than the U.S. but after takin the planned actions to subsidize the amount, the Carbon Footprint comes to 139,013lbs. The planned actions I have undertaken when tallied equals to saving 1361 gallons of gas or planting 310 trees or recycling 8,609 tons of waste. After taking the water footprint calculator, I have realized that my personal water footprint is 1,057 gallons/day while my household utilized 5,287gallons/day. I use a lot of indoor water amounting to 30gallons/day for showering, 21 gallons/day for bathtub, 20 gallons/day in the bathroom sink. I utilize a lot of virtual water in my shopping habits amounting to 291 gallons/day Week 1 ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT Hectares: 5.7gha # Earths: 3.3 earths Top 3 Consumption Categories: goods mobility food CARBON FOOTPRINT Carbon Emissions (lbs.): 165,703 lbs. WATER FOOTPRINT Gallons per day: 1057 gallons/day Top 3 Contributors: household shower bathtub I have learnt a lot of things which surprise me regarding my consumption habits. Foremost, I did not know that I have such a huge ecological, water and carbon footprint. Secondly, I did not know that my everyday behaviors even the most insignificant to me adds an enormous strain to the earth. I found myself shocked when I discovered that if everyone adopted my everyday behaviors, we would need 3.3 earths to meet my need. There are several changes I would defiantly make to reduce one or more of the three footprints. 1. I would adopt energy saving bulbs in my household by replacing the incandescent light bulbs with ENERGT STAR lights. 2. Rather than drying all my laundry in the dryer I would sundry them on a clothing line. 3. I would ensure that I perform regular maintenance on my car. I would also recommend my household to do the same. 4. Whenever possible I will carpool with my friends to reduce the number of miles in drive. 5. I will spend less time in the shower and reduce the number of time in a week I spend in the bathtub. Each of the lifestyle changes I have suggested have potential obstacles hinder me from accomplishing them. Nonetheless, I have some suggestions that will enable me to overcoming them. 1. My household might not be too enthusiastic to learn that I would like to replace the incandescent bulbs, to overcome this challenge I would educate them on the impact of energy saving bulbs. 2. I might not have enough time to remove my clothes from the washing mashing and taking them to the hanging line. To overcome this, I would plan my laundry days when I am free to sundry clothes. 3. Since I might forget to take my car for regular maintenance, I will set a reminder on my phone to remind me to check my mileage on a monthly basis. 4. When it is not possible to carpool with my friends, I will be using public transport such as a bus or train. 5. It might not be quite possible to always to reduce the amount of time I spend showering; I will install a low-flow showerhead to conserve the amount of water I use while showering.

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