Process of ba using a fictional project


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In this course we will be working through the process of BA using a fictional project based on one of the following scenarios:

  1. Identify a need in your current company or industry – use your experience and publically available materials to generate a BA plan to meet the need.
  2. Select a company or industry that you are interested in – use publically available materials on an existing or past need to generate a BA plan.

For your selected organization and need, generate:

  • Industry Porter Model
  • Company SWOT Analysis
  • SMART goals related to the need


  • Brief overview of the company/industry
  • How does the company’s industry position effect the potential action/solution?
  • How does the company’s internal capabilities effect the potential action/solution?
  • Why are the SMART goals set at this level – how could they change?

Please use scholarly resources and include in-text citation in APA format. 

Make sure to meet all questions above.