Purpose: research one of the topics listed below.

Purpose: Research one of the topics listed below.  Learn about the topic and write a paper detailing what you learned and what the technology is used for.

Assignment: Write a 2-4 page (Double spaced, 1” margins, 12pt Times New Roman font) paper about one of the topics listed below.  Your paper should go into detail about the function of the technology you chose and include information on common implementations.  What does the technology do? How does it work and what are some requirements that must be met for it to function properly?  Have there been multiple versions of the technology? If so, detail some changes that have been made in different versions.  

Include a works cited referencing any sources and resources you used in your research. Your submission will be graded based on how well the topic is researched and described.  Your writing should be clear and concise, avoiding unnecessary repetition.  It should be evident that you sufficiently researched and understand the topic.  Failing to meet the length spacing or font size requirements will result in a loss of points.









Palo Alto Firewalls

Cisco Firepower

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