Quantum mechanics | Chemistry homework help

Quantum mechanics


Important Guidelines:

·Show all the major solution steps

·Always end your answers with the proper units


Solve and submit the following problems:

4. (I) If an electron’s position can be measured to an accuracy of 2.0 x how accurately can its speed be known?


6. (I) The boson, discovered in 1985, is the mediator of the weak nuclear force, and it typically decays very quickly. Its average rest energy is 91.19 GeV, but its short lifetime shows up as an intrinsic width of 2.5 GeV (rest energy uncertainty). What is the lifetime of this particle?



8. (II) A free neutron (m = 1.67 x kg) has a mean life of 900 s. What is the uncertainty in its mass (in kg)?



14. (I) For n = 5, I = 3, what are the possible values of and  and  ?



18. (I) List the quantum numbers for each electron in the ground state of nitrogen (Z = 7)





20. (I) Calculate the magnitude of the angular momentum of an electron in the n = 4, I = 3 state of hydrogen.



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