QUESTION 1 Use the following business rules to create a Crow’s Foot ERD. Write all appropriate connectivities and cardinalities in the ERD. SAVE AS: ch4_question1_deleon.doc —————————————————– QUESTION 2 Create a

QUESTION 1 Use the following business rules to create a Crow’s Foot ERD. Write all appropriate connectivities and cardinalities in the ERD. SAVE AS:  ch4_question1_deleon.doc —————————————————– QUESTION 2 Create a complete ERD in Crow’s Foot notation that can be implemented in the relational model using the following description of operations. Hot Water (HW) is a small start-up company that sells spas. HW does not carry any stock. A few spas are set up in a simple warehouse so customers can see some of the models available, but any products sold must be ordered at the time of the sale SAVE AS:  ch4_question2_deleon.doc ———————————————————— QUESTION 3 The Jonesburgh County Basketball Conference (JCBC) is an amateur basketball association. Each city in the county has one team as its representative. Each team has a maximum of 12 players and a minimum of 9 players. Each team also has up to 3 coaches (offensive, defensive, and physical training coaches). During the season, each team plays 2 games (home and visitor) against each of the other teams. Given those conditions, do the following: SAVE AS:  ch4_question3_deleon.doc ————————————————————————— QUESTION 4 Create an ERD based on the Crow’s Foot notation using the following requirements: SAVE AS:  ch4_question4_deleon.doc —————————————————————– QUESTION 5 The Hudson Engineering Group (HEG) has contacted you to create a conceptual model whose application will meet the expected database requirements for the company’s training program. The HEG administrator gives you the following description of the training group’s operating environment. (nt: Some of the following sentences identify the volume of data rather than cardinalities. Can you tell which ones?) The HEG has 12 instructors and can handle up to 30 trainees per class. HEG offers 5 Advanced Technology courses, each of which may generate several classes. If a class has fewer than 10 trainees, it will be canceled. Therefore, it is possible for a course not to generate any classes. Each class is taught by one instructor. Each instructor may teach up to 2 classes or may be assigned to do research only. Each trainee may take up to 2 classes per year. Given that information, do the following: a. Define all of the entities and relationships. b. Describe the relationship between instructor and class in terms of connectivity, cardinality, and existence dependence. SAVE AS:  ch4_question5_deleon.doc ——————————————————————– QUESTION 6 Automata, Inc., produces specialty vehicles by contract. The company operates several departments, each of which builds a particular vehicle, such as a limousine, truck, van, or RV. Given that functional description of the processes at Automata’s purchasing department, do the following: a. Identify all of the main entities. b. Identify all of the relations and connectivities among entities. c. Identify the type of existence dependence in all the relationships. d. Give at least two examples of the types of reports that can be obtained from the database. SAVE AS:  ch4_question6_deleon.doc ————————————————————————————— QUESTION 7 United ers is a nonprofit organization that provides aid to people after natural disasters. Based on the following brief description of operations, create the appropriate fully labeled Crow’s Foot ERD. SAVE AS:  ch4_question7_deleon.doc ———————————————————————————– QUESTION 8 Using the Crow’s Foot notation, create an ERD that can be implemented for a medical clinic using the following business rules: SAVE AS:  ch4_question8_deleon.doc ———————————————————— QUESTION 9 Create a Crow’s Foot notation ERD to support the following business operations: SAVE AS:  ch4_question9_deleon.doc ————————————————————— QUESTION 10 Luxury-Oriented Scenic Tours (LOST) provides guided tours to groups of visitors to the Washington, D.C. area. In recent years, LOST has grown quickly and is having difficulty keeping up with all of the various information needs of the company. The company’s operations are as follows: a. Create a Crow’s Foot notation ERD to support LOST operations. b. The operations provided state that it is possible for a guide to lead an outing of a tour even if the guide is not officially qualified to lead outings of that tour. Imagine that the business rules instead specified that a guide is never, under any circumstance, allowed to lead an outing unless he or she is qualified to lead outings of that tour. How could the data model in Part a. be modified to enforce this new constraint? SAVE AS:  ch4_question10_deleon.doc Purchase the answer to view it

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