Question 13

Question 13 Why are adolesoents so vulnerable to the initiation of health-Compromising behaviors O They are not taught about the conequencs of these behaviors On average, adolescents have more stress in their lives than adults O Even before starting to drink, smoke, or do drugs teens have a higher tolerance to these substances O They are influenced by peer perception of them and wanting to be perceived a particular way Question 14 Steps in actively changing to a healthier diet include all of the following except: O increasing the patient’s sense of self-efficacy O learning about nutrition and keeping a log of your food choices o involving family members in changing the family diet as wel. O tossing all smacks and replacing them with fruits. Question 15 In treating a patient with anorexia, the mostdifficult cognitive hurdle to overcome is to O convince the patient that they have an underlying deoression. onduce a motivation towant to tatand ganweght O open up family communication oi helo them anop counting calories

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