Record & upload to bcourses a (maximum) 5 minute pitch, using a

 5 slides with ( speaker notes) and 2.5 pages due 11pm

Record & upload to bCourses a (maximum) 5 minute pitch, using a maximum of 5 slides.

The topic can be your project, intended project, project topic area, or other technical topic (but are highly recommended to use this as an opportunity to practice presenting and writing related to your Capstone project).

Basically, you need to develop HW#4 based on the resource or topic from HW#3 . here are the requirements.

HW#3 is a intro of my project, so you need to check that out first

For the PPT, you may need some data (both in economic and technical) to support your idea.

I notice that there should a point of contact in the slides. Just leave out the space, and I will fill it out.

And other info like name, just leave the space. Thx

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