Research paper | Education homework help

Conduct a research paper on the career early childhood education. Write a one page paper in Mircrosoft Word describing the job. Include the following information:  

  • education required to obtain this job
  • short description of the job itself and job responsibilities
  • outlook for available positions in the future (the Department of Labor’s website is a useful tool)
  • where these jobs are available – will you have to move?
  • average salary information for this type of job – make sure you find the entry level salary, as that is what you’ll make right out of school
  • promotion opportunities – how do you move up in this particular industry and to what job titles can you move into?
  • why you chose this job and why you think you’ll be good at it
  • your paper should be double-spaced with one inch margins all the way around
  • you should use Times New Roman, 12-point font
  • you should have a title page with your name, your class name, the professor’s name, and the due date all centered on the page
  • you should have a header that begins on page 2 with your last name
  • you should have a footer that begins on page 2 with the page number
  • include in-text citations
  • have a references page at the end.  

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