Research paper on privacy and security

Identify a problem in area (a) or (b). Submit the problem title and one paragraph description of the problem for “Research Paper assignment Part 1”; once your submitted problem is approved, submit maximum two page write-up on how you think the related issues could be addressed.

Research Problems: 

Area (a): Inclusive Privacy Solution

Masking sure that a privacy solution does not ignore concerns of a group of people

Please look for example papers in WIPS (WIPS – Workshop on Inclusive Privacy and Security)

Area (b): Usable Privacy Solution

A privacy solution that people uses with comfort

Example: Privacy notice? Not a usable solution (we mostly never read them because the way they are written is hard to comprehend)

Password is primarily a security tool, but also a privacy tool.

Is password usable? Not much. Creating and remembering strong password is difficult. 

Please look for example papers in SOUPS (SOUPS – Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security). 

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