Research some tools that would be valuable in collecting bot…

Research some tools that would be valuable in collecting both live memory images and images of various forms off media. Put together a shopping list for your manager that includes tools needed  to be purchased. Include a price if applicable. APA Format with 3 References


Title: Tools for Collecting Live Memory Images and Various Forms of Media: A Shopping List


The forensic investigation of digital devices often requires the acquisition and analysis of live memory images and various forms of media. To accomplish these tasks with accuracy and efficiency, it is crucial to have access to appropriate tools. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive shopping list of tools required for collecting live memory images and images from different media sources. The list includes both hardware and software solutions, along with their respective prices, if applicable.

Live Memory Imaging Tools:

1. Belkasoft RAM Capturer:
Price: $199 (Belkasoft, 2022)
Belkasoft RAM Capturer is a reliable software tool widely used for acquiring live memory images from Windows-based systems. It allows investigators to capture both physical and virtual memory, enabling the analysis of running processes, network connections, and open files. The acquired data can be saved in various formats, such as raw binary or hibernation files, for further analysis.

2. Magnet RAM Capture:
Price: Free (Magnet Forensics, n.d.)
Magnet RAM Capture, offered by Magnet Forensics, is a powerful and user-friendly tool for capturing live memory images from Windows-based systems. It facilitates the acquisition of both physical and virtual memory in a forensically sound manner. The tool provides detailed information about open network connections, running processes, and loaded modules, aiding in the identification of suspicious activities.

3. Rekall:
Price: Open-source (Rekall-Tools, n.d.)
Rekall is an open-source memory forensics framework that offers a comprehensive set of tools for collecting and analyzing live memory images. This versatile tool enables investigators to acquire memory dumps from a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. Its modular design allows the integration of custom plugins and facilitates advanced memory analysis techniques.

Media Imaging Tools:

1. Tableau Forensic Imager:
Price: $1,995 (Tableau, 2022)
The Tableau Forensic Imager is a high-performance hardware tool designed for acquiring forensic images from various media sources, such as hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), and USB devices. It ensures the integrity of the acquired data while providing features like verification and encryption. The imager supports multiple imaging formats, including raw and E01, providing compatibility with various forensic analysis tools.

2. FTK Imager:
Price: Free (AccessData, n.d.)
FTK Imager, developed by AccessData, is a popular and widely-used software tool for acquiring forensic images from media sources. It supports imaging from hard drives, USB drives, CDs/DVDs, and network-shares. FTK Imager offers options for acquiring full-disk images, individual files, or creating logical images. It allows investigators to hash and verify acquired images, ensuring their integrity throughout the analysis process.

Price: Free (dcfldd, n.d.)
DCFLDD is an enhanced version of the popular dd command-line tool, specifically designed for forensic imaging purposes. This open-source tool provides advanced features, such as on-the-fly hashing, flexible input/output options, and error reporting. DCFLDD supports various imaging formats, including raw, AFF (Advanced Forensic Format), and E01, making it compatible with a wide range of forensic tools.


In digital forensic investigations, having the right tools is essential for efficiently collecting live memory images and images from different forms of media. The shopping list provided includes both software and hardware tools tailored to these specific requirements. Investing in these tools will aid forensic practitioners in retrieving crucial evidence and conducting comprehensive analysis in a forensically sound manner. However, considering the evolving nature of technology and constantly emerging tools, it is highly recommended to regularly update and expand the forensic toolkit.

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