Respond 1 Ch.K. Three areas I’ve grown to excel in this program by completing coursework which occured at the being and somewhat throughout school however they got way better which

Respond 1 Ch.K. Three areas I’ve grown to excel in this program by completing coursework which occured at the being and somewhat throughout school however they got way better which are being organzied because I was always submitting my assignments a day or two late after doing so a few times I sat down and with my calender and made a schedule out on days were I wasn’t staying over at work, babysitting, running errands, etc. communication meaning that I was not sending an email letting my instructor know of any late submission’s or technical difficulties on my behalf. Avoiding distractions I was always watching tv, texting, on the phone talking, face timing family and friends when I should have been doing homework, tests, content review, etc. All three areas I have became better all because I sat down and made a schedule and became serious about my future, Three areas I need to grow based on my self-assessment are giving myself down time because I am always having things on my mind all at once as well as somewhat doing a lot of driving for my aunt who does not drive at all. Asking questions is a tough one when I need to ask because I try to do it myself and second guess my self once I’ve completed the assignment/task that was asked of me. Proof reading when I would type any of my papers/work I would have errors such as misspelling of words, commas missing or added, etc. I will myself grow in these areas by talking with people whom I turst about things that are on my aind whether good or bad. Asking questions about thing’s I’m unsure about when concerning assignments or anything in general. I will have someone to proof read my assingments/papers. I will also refer to articles pertaining to these areas that will me grow and become better in a professional manner while working in the child development field/area. Respond 2 Ju H. Describe three areas in which you have grown to excel in by completing your coursework in this program. First of all, I have grown in my knowledge of child development and education. I had experience-based knowledge but now I have more depth of knowledge, which, at times feels overwhelming. Secondly, I have grown in my confidence to be professional and to be qualified for jobs. Lastly, I have gained a more global outlook on society, my eyes have been opened to the broad range of people and their cultures. I have explored my own culture and have found a deeper connection with myself through my courses. Identify three areas in which you need to grow, based on your self-assessments, in order to be more effective in your work as an early childhood professional. The first area I need to grow in is my confidence, while I am confident in my knowledge to complete school work I do not feel ready to be a lead teacher yet. I am ready to start my career and need to be more active in the early child care environment to grow my abilities and confidence.  Secondly, I need to sort everything I have learned. I remember bits and pieces of knowledge and information, but I do not always remember where or when I learned it or which philosopher it belongs to. Lastly, I need to come up with my philosophy of teaching. I have thought about it and written a few I just need to refine it and have a chance to implement it to see if it is a true fit. Describe how you will yourself grow in these areas. Mostly, I plan to improve with experience by starting out as a teacher’s assistant or in a position of support to learn more practical hands on information and experience. Because this course does not offer student teaching I just don’t feel ready to have my own room yet. As for my philosophy of teaching I plan to ponder it and work it over with experience. I plan to continue to study the varied methods of teaching children and to refine my knowledge to better understand and remember each philosophy.

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