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It is important that you have by now selected a white paper/article upon which you will base your research paper. This foundation article and author will provide guidance to you in your continued writing efforts.
As we have discussed with those with whom I have spoken, I want to work with you to develop a strong paper based upon a clear research question. There will be three chapters: Retention

Your research question and why it is important.
Your research and what you have found in the literature.
Your conclusions. Bringing together your question, your research, and what the literature calls you to conclude.
It is important for you to continue to research and develop your research question. This question will drive your study and your paper. Retention
It is important that you have a clear 2-3 sample of white papers to follow. Undoubtedly you have selected a professor or two whose writing you appreciate and whose ideas guide you in your research. Retention
And, finally, it is important that you continue to develop your three chapters that:

describe the issue
develop the issue and show its progression
bring to a conclusion the issue and combine it with your research and developed knowledge.
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