Scenario 1: bad behavior? sergeant officer stevens, the sergeant on

Scenario 1: Bad Behavior?

Sergeant Officer Stevens, the Sergeant on the evening shift reported to you (the shift lieutenant) that after roll call he heard two male officers telling sexually explicit jokes in the hallway. As the Sergeant exited the roll call room he noticed one of the female dispatchers standing within a few feet of the two officers. The Sergeant chose to ignore the immediate situation and just made a report to you.

Scenario 2: The Difficult Employee

Officer Smith has become very difficult to deal with. During roll call, he is sarcastic about any new policy changes, orders, or directives given to him or the group. He is also one of the most productive officers you have, and other officers respect his leadership abilities. Recently his Sergeant brought disciplinary charges against Officer Smith. The result is a suspension and Officer Smith has now become far less productive.

Address the following issues in your paper:

  • Evaluate the Sergeants’ responses to the scenarios.

  • How did the Sergeants respond in both scenarios?

  • How do the Sergeants’ actions ensure the maintenance of good order? If they do not maintain good order what specifically about Sergeants’ actions disrupt that order?

  • What should the Sergeants do in each case to ensure good order?

  • Write a two page response for each scenario

For assistance with this assignment, refer to Chapter 12 of your text.

(PLEASE NOTE: This assignment may require outside research)

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