Scenario 1: research paper (white paper) for the pmo director


Your Job Title, Role, and Background at XYZ Corporation


You are a Senior Project Analyst. You report to the PMO Director. Your main role is as an analyst and advisor to the PMO Director. Your background includes a BS in IFSM from UMUC and PMP and PMI-ACP certifications. You have 4 years work experience at XYZ since joining the company after graduation. In your short career, you have shown an ability to perform good analysis and to assist management and senior management in decision support.


Overview of Scenario #1 Task Assignment


Your job responsibilities routinely call for you to write research-based white papers for the PMO, the PMO Director, and business unit executives. These white papers address particular technical/business topics as they apply to the XYZ’s PMO and business units. At this time, five white paper topics are assigned a high priority for expeditious development, and your assignment is to select one of the topics and develop the white paper per the PMO Director’s guidance. The five topics are as follows:


  1. How to Combine the Use of Scrum and Extreme Programming at XYZ Corporation
  2. How to Use Scrum Outside of Software Development Projects at XYZ Corporation
  3. How to Define the Role of the Scrum Master at XYZ Corporation
  4. How to Use PMBOK and Agile Concepts in the Hybrid Methodology at XYZ Corporation
  5. How to Foster Continuous Innovation at XYZ Corporation


Task Requirements


  1. Use a combination of popular and scholarly information sources
  2. Make at least 3 citations other than the Week 1 and Week 2 required readings list.
  3. See the LEO Webliography area for some tips on some good links relating to Scenario #1
  4. Use the APA citation and reference guidelines
  5. Present what is considered best practice to practitioner and/or scholars
  6. Make your research paper like a white paper with a practical focus for XYZ Corporation
  7. Make your white paper 2-3 content pages, plus a cover page and a page for references
  8. Double space your white paper and follow best practices for APA (see instructor-recommended resources)
  9. Present at least 5 paragraphs, including introduction, best practices, your analysis for XYZ corporation, and a conclusion
  10. Make your analysis specific to how the topic relates to improving XYZ Corporation technologies, processes, or staff enablement and make recommendations if possible


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