Scenario: Cooper Madison

Scenario: Cooper Madison

Scenario: Cooper Madison Get help at

Scenario: Cooper Madison, a 6-year-old Caucasian male, arrived atthe emergency department at 1045 Tuesday with a closed head injury and concussion, related to a fall from a tree house. A CT scan indicated possible skull fracture and subdural hematoma. A C-spine ruled out spinal fracture. While still in the emergency department, Cooper experienced an unwitnessed seizure. At 1300 Tuesday, Cooper was admitted to the pediatric unit. The scenariotakes place on Wednesday at 0645.

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4. What are the three main phases of a seizure? Differentiate among these phase, and list clinical assessment findings you might

observe when a patient is having a seizure.

5. Describe the key nursing interventions for a patient experiencing an active seizure. Be sure to include applicable medications

and clinical considerations for a patient who presents with these signs and symptoms.

6. Given the patient’s NPO status, how could the patient’s nutritional status be monitored and maintained until his diet is


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